It’s been 7 years since we purchased our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router and in the last year we have only started scratching the surface of what the capabilities are. Earlier this year, we had a customer ask for a complexly shaped sign which, at the time, was out of our capabilities. After a fair amount of head scratched Lighthouse Cabinets decided to dip a toe into the world of custom sign making.

For anyone who has designed objects in 3D or has cut objects with a CNC router you will know the troubles with putting what was imagined in your head into a model on the computer. But, now that we’ve put in our time and examined our own capabilities we can proudly say “We are very capable in designing and constructing 3D signs.”


This GDX sign is about 4′ x 8′ in overall dimension and was finished with a ChromoBase (automotive finish).


The base is made of 3/4″ MDF with track lighting built in. The 3D top portion was cut from a 2″ thick MDF with a 5/8″ ball nosed router bit.

This sign is something we put a great deal of care into making and is far less expensive than having it constructed out of metals, plastics or foams. So, think of us the next time you decide to make a custom sign.