Homes Are Made in the Details

     Building your own home is quite possibly the most exciting and rewarding endeavor for anyone to undertake. It starts with the perfect home design, and a perfect location, in a perfect neighborhood. But, it is the personal items we fill our homes with that reminds us there is a family living in that home. Every new event in our live is reflected in our homes from the way they smell to the art on the wall. By using one or ALL of these options your new home design will start to take shape.

Option # 1: Get the Kitchen You WantMINER 9

Who wants to settle for a cookie-cutter space that someone unpacked from a box and stapled onto your walls? Not us. But these days we’re all looking to improve what we have without forking over our retirement funds. By using a mixture of paint, paper, vintage finds and dash of expert execution those classic made-to-order looks can be yours.


Option # 2: Custom Wall Art

Finding a piece of art off the shelf at Meijer’s grocery store is not a hard feet to accomplish. People will come into your home and look at those pieces and think, “well doesn’t that look nice. Everything matches so well.” Because getting things to match is easy but finding those items which cannot go untouched by your guests is another animal altogether. Opt out of buying and start creating.

If you would like custom art pieces please send drawings or ideas to Lighthouse Cabinets at


Made by John Brooks of Lighthouse Cabinets


Option # 3: Refurbish Your Leftover Furniture

I just bought a home last year and the thing that drove me crazy was how I was not able to use my old furniture like it was used in my apartment. Let’s get real for a moment, my apartment didn’t have anything fancy in it, lots of leftover gifts from family, but I mixed and matched until somehow the place shined. However, when I moved to my home there were vanities and dressers that didn’t match anywhere. And if you’re a craftsman like me you probably could throw some paint on it, or put some casters on it to make it fit. Usually it is not that simple.

By stealing ideas from Pinterest or Etsy and mixing it together with your existing furniture it is possible to come up with a lethal blend of character and design.


Lighthouse could take your old furniture and turns it into art!

Redesigning you home will change your life in ways most of us take for granted. Although it is improbable to look at every piece of furniture or every nick-knack we have lying around the house but when we do there is a story to tell. By taking something from our past and redesigning it to fit our present we change or stories from simple narrative to epic tails of creativity.